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1965.11.12: Vietnam Teach-In (UCLA)


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12 Noon – 12 Midnight
NOVEMBER 12, 1965

Grand Ballroom
Student Union UCLA Campus


12:00-12:15 Introduction by the Committee


DOROTHY GUYOT, Lecturer in Political Science, California Institute of Technology Ford foreign area training scholarship at Yale. Author of pamphlet entitled “Brief Survey of Vietnam”.

MASMAORI KOJIMA. Editor of publications on community and race relations and labor. Currently preparing a book entitled THE CONCISE VIETNAM–A BACKGROUND

PRIMER. Lecturer KPFK series on Vietnam.

Moderator:  C.S. Whitaker, Prof. Political Science, Associate Dean Graduate Division, UCLA

1:30-2:00 SIMON CASADY. President, California Democratic Council. Editor of El Cajon VALLEY NEWS. Recipient of numerous awards for his editorials. Under attack for opposition to the war in Vietnam.

2:00-2:25 SUDDI CHAWLA. Professor of Political Science, Long Beach State. Born in India. Author of THE TRAGEDY of VIETNAM. Four years with Voice of America Asia Unit. Trained Peace for India.

2:25-3:05 GEORGE E. BROWN JR. Democratic Congressman from California, 29th District. Served WW II in the conscientious objector program under General Hershey. Against additional funds for Vietnam.

3:05-3:30 HANS MEYERHOFF. Professor of  Philosophy, UCLA. Has written and lectured widely in social and political philosophy. Political analyst, OSS, WW II and later for U.S. State Department.

Moderator: James Guyot, Professor of Political Science, UCLA.

3:30-4:00 RICHARD N. ROSECRANCE. Professor of Political Science, UCLA. Toured Southeast Asia and South Pacific. Director of UCLA Security Studies. Edited and contributed to THE DISPERSION OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

4:00-4:45 ROBERT SCHEER. Editor of RAMPARTS magazine. Author of CUBA: AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY and HOW THE UNITED STATES GOT INVOLVED IN VIETNAM. Recently toured Southeast Asia. National Teach-in.

4:45-5:20 AMROM KATZ. Senior staff member, RAND CORPORATION. Expert in aerial reconnaissance. Participated in the Pugwash and other disarmament conferences. Advisor to two journals on arms control.

5:20-5:45 WILLIAM STANTON. Assemblyman, California State Assembly, San Jose. PhD Berkeley in Economics. Attorney at member California Bar Association. Taught at UCLA and San Jose State. Berkeley teach-in.

5:45-6:00 PHIL KERBY. Founding editor of FRONTIER magazine. Commentator on KPFK. Participant in several teach-ins. Numerous editorials opposing the war in Vietnam.

6:00-6:45 PAUL M. SWEEZY. Co-editor MONTHLY REVIEW. Professor of Economics at Harvard 1934-46. Worked for various New Deal agencies. Served OSS WW II. Co-author of CUBA: ANATOMY OF A REVOLUTION.

6:45-7:30 STANLEY SHEINBAUM. Staff member, Center for Study of Democratic Institutions, Santa Barbara. Taught economics at Stanford and Michigan State. Served as consultant to Diem government 1955-59.

Moderators: C.S. Whitaker, Prof. of Political Science, UCLA
Neal Wood, Prof. of Political Science, UCLA
Herman Bleibtreu, Prof. of Anthropology, UCLA.

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7:30-9:15 PANEL on U.S. POLICY in VIETNAM

HAMMOND ROLPH. Comdr. USN (retired). Director Southeast Asia Project, USC Research Institute on Communist Strategy and Propaganda. Former Head, Southeast Asia Desk, Office of Naval Intelligence.

ROBERT SCHEER. (See description, page 2.)

DAVID WILKINSON. Professor of Political Science, UCLA. Teaches International Relations. Speaker in television panel on Indonesian withdrawal from UN. Author of article on disarmament and security.

MARSHALL WINDMILLER. Professor of International Relations, San Francisco State. Co-author of COMMUNISM IN INDIA, author of FIVE YEARS OF FREE RADIO. Commentator for Pacifica Radio (KPFK, KPFA, WBAI).

Moderator: Keith Berwick, Prof. History, UCLA.

9:15-10:00 DAVID MC REYNOLDS. Field Secretary; War Resisters League, UCLA political science graduate. On National Committee of Socialist Party for several years. Associate editor of LIBERATION.

10:00-10:40 MARK MANCALL. Professor of Far Eastern History, Stanford. UCLA graduate. Has travelled in Russia and India. Preparing a book on Russo-Chinese relations. Participant in MIT teach-in.

10:40-11:20 STANLEY MILLET. Professor of Political Science, Adelphi University. Author of several recent articles on Vietnam, one in VIET REPORT. Taught at Saigon University during Diem regime.

Moderator: Stanley Wolpert, Prof. of History, UCLA

11:20-12:00 Discussion led by the University Committee on Vietnam. 



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