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1969.08.11 Defense of Angela Davis at UCLA (Collection of Documents)

Angela Davis Firing 1969 -- Leon_Page_01 Angela Davis Firing 1969 -- Leon_Page_02 Angela Davis Firing 1969 -- Leon_Page_03 Angela Davis Firing 1969 -- Leon_Page_04 Angela Davis Firing 1969 -- Leon_Page_05 Angela Davis Firing 1969 -- Leon_Page_06 Angela Davis Firing 1969 -- Leon_Page_07 Angela Davis Firing 1969 -- Leon_Page_08 Angela Davis Firing 1969 -- Leon_Page_09 Angela Davis Firing 1969 -- Leon_Page_10 Angela Davis Firing 1969 -- Leon_Page_11 Angela Davis Firing 1969 -- Leon_Page_12 Angela Davis Firing 1969 -- Leon_Page_13 1969.10.04 LAT Davis p1 1969.10.04 LAT Davis p2 1969.10.04 LAT Davis p3 1969.10.03 UC Regents Expected to Order p1 1969.10.03 p2 1969.10.05 LAT Davis p.1 1969.10.05 LAT Davis p.2 1969.10.06 LAT Davis 1969.10.07 LAT Davis p.1 1969.10.07 LAT Davis p.2 1969.10.07 LAT Davis p.3 1969.10.09 LAT Davis p.1 1969.10.09 LAT Davis p.2 1969.10.07 LAT Davis p.2 1969.10.07 LAT Davis p.3 1969.10.10 LAT Davis p.1 Angela Davis Firing LAT Articles Oct. 1969_Page_21 Angela Davis Firing LAT Articles Oct. 1969_Page_23 1969.10.20 -- Law Professors Active in Davis Case -- UCLA Law School

See also Angela Davis trial defense materials (1971-1973): 1971-1973 – Leon Letwin File – Angela Davis Defense.OCR

1969.08.07: Legal aid offered in case of government subpoena (UCLA Daily Bruin)

UCLA Daily Bruin, August 7, 1969

Sounding Board
Legal aid offered in case of government subpoena

(Editor’s note: This is an open letter to Chancellor Charles E. Young.)

Dear Chancellor Young:

The undersigned members of the law school faculty support the recommendation of the Academic Senate Committee on Academic Freedom that you decline compliance with requests for information concerning the political affiliations and beliefs of students at least until there has been, in each case, an authoritative judicial determination of the legality of the request. 

As an indication of our concern with this problem, we offer to provide you with all necessary legal services in seeking and obtaining a determination concerning any requests for information that you may receive.

The chilling effect of governmental requests for information concerning student political activities upon the freedom of inquiry makes inappropriate, we think, that members of the academic community who are also lawyers should volunteer their services.

Kenneth W. Graham, Jr.
Kenneth L. Karst
James E. Krier
Leon Letwin
Lawrence G. Sager
Gary T. Schwartz
Michael E. Tigar
Richard A. Wasserstrom