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1970.04.21: Allen hearing ends at UCSB (UCLA Daily Bruin)

Background: “The local branch building of the Bank of America was burned to the ground by students on February 25, 1970, after a charge of rock-throwing students drove law enforcement officers out of town. According to Cril Payne, author of Deep Cover, a history of his career in the FBI, the FBI was very active in Santa Barbara and the charge of “students” that resulted in the burning of the Bank of America was a Cointelpro FBI operation. Kevin Moran, a student who put out a fire in the temporary Bank of America during a riot in April 1970 was killed by police fire, and during a June 1970 riot Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies ran amok, prompting criticism from even from William F. Buckley, Jr., the conservative commentator.”,_California

1970.04.21: Daily Bruin

1970.04.05: Prof. William Allen Hearing Transcript (Isla Vista, Letwin & Wasserstrom, UC Santa Barbara)

1970.04.05 Prof. William Allen Hearing transcript — Leon