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1978 Winter: Leon Letwin, Evidence Class

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Raw text:

Mr. Letwin 211. Evidence

February 23, 1978

Winter 1978


(In connection v1ith assignment 24)

iihich of the following are privileged under the California Evidence


(a) Father asks daughter, a third year law student, what he should

do about his recent arrest for possession of marijuana.

(b) Client asks lawyer whether the lawyer thinks now is a good time

to get out of the stock market.

(c) Mother calls lawyer on the telephone to ask if he will represent

her son, wanted for murder, who is presently a fugitiveo

(d) In the presence of a police officer, client tells lawyer.: “I did

it and I’m glad, glad, glado”

(e) During the course of an interview, the lawyer notices that his

client is drunk.

(f) In a trial of a lawyer for suborning perjury, the lawyer objects

when former client is called to testify that the lawyer told him

that t·o win the case they would have to “hire a ~ew witnesses.”

(g) In a criminal case, a police officer is called to testify that

he tappe9 the client’s phone and heard the client make incriminating

statements in a conversation with his lawy~r.

(h) In a criminal case, a bartender is called to testify that the

defendant told him: ”ily lawyer told me to deep six the gun.”

(i) Prosecutor offers in evidence a copy of a newspaper story

recounting an interview by the reporter with a secretary in

the lawyer’s o£fice in which the secretary said her boss told

her that the defendant was guilty.

* * *

Mr. Letwin 211. Evidence





Cal. Ev. Code §§ 911-920; 950-62

C.B. P?· 606-62J

Prob1ecs handed out.

C.B. ow. 630-33; 634-37; 639-41

Problees VIII-3, 4, 12, 16, 21, 22

26) ~-B .• pp. 645-57; 658-62

… Probler:.s VIII-30-32

27). CEC §§ .990-1007, 1010-1026

C.B. 671-679

. 28) Cal. Ev. Code §970-987

C.B. 679-80; 681-86

Problems VIII-39-42, 45, 50

29) Cal. Ev. Code § 1040-1042 .

c. :a … pp. 705-10

Problems VIII-62, 64, 66, 68

30) Cal. Ev. Code § 800-805; 720-723

C.B. pp. 932-39

Problews XI-2, 3, 4

~·linter 1978

Febr~ary 23, 1978