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1985.04.23: Stop Contra Aid (UCLA Daily Bruin)

UCLA Daily Bruin, April 23, 1985

Stop Contra Aid

Within the next few days, Congress will vote on the Reagan administration’s request for funds to aid the contra’s in their effort to overthrow the government of Nicaragua.

We write this letter, in the name of the Concerned Faculty, to ask you to phone, wire, or write your representative or senator urging them to vote against the aid proposal, whatever form it takes.

The Contras — notwithstanding Ronald Reagan’s statement equating them with the founding fathers of this nation — are guilty of horrifying acts of violence against civilians. The litany of tortures, rapes, and disembowelments of civilians, including church leaders, is too lengthy to repeat here.

One, of many, of recent accounts of such terrorism can be found in the “Talk of the Town” section of New Yorker magazine (Mar. 25). For this nation to fund the contras, is to take on the responsibility for the continued terrorism against a small sovereign nation, in violation of international law.

In the name of humanity, please try to stop U.S. aid to the contras. If you need the name of your representative or senator, call (202) 224-3121 and give the name of the person you are calling.

Write representatives at House Office Building, Washington, D.C., 20515, and senators at Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C., 20510.

Jeffrey Alexander

Theodore Forrester

Robert Hethmon
Theater arts

Donald Kalish

Leon Letwin

Ruth Roemer
Public health

1985.04.00: Impeaching Defendants with Their Prior Convictions: Reconsidering the Dangerous Propensities of Character Evidence after People v. Castro (18 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 681)

Download in .pdf format: 1985.04.00 – Leon Letwin – Impeaching Defendants with (18 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 681)Davis CoverDavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_01 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_02 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_03DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_04 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_05 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_06 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_07 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_08 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_09DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_10 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_11 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_12 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_13 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_14 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_15 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_16 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_17 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_18 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_19 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_20 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_21 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_22 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_23 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_24 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_25 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_26 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_27 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_28 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_29 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_30 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_31 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_32 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_33 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_34 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_35 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_36 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_37 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_38 DavisVol18No3_Letwin_Page_39