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2003.01.30: American Academics Join Israeli Colleagues In Warning Against Ethnic Cleansing (Professors of Conscience)

American Academics Join Israeli Colleagues In Warning Against Ethnic Cleansing
by Professors Of Conscience.Org 
Thursday Jan 30th, 2003 6:44 PM

We, American academics and intellectuals, applaud our courageous Israeli colleagues for their recent letter warning of the possibility of ethnic cleansing in Israel and the Occupied Territories. The 187 Israeli signatories express concern that the ‘fog of war’ [against Iraq] ‘could be exploited by the Israeli government to commit further crimes against the Palestinian people, up to full- fledged ethnic cleansing.’

Letter Against Expulsion of the Palestinians 

American College Professors Join Israeli Colleagues In Warning Against Ethnic Cleansing 

We, American academics and intellectuals, applaud our courageous Israeli colleagues for their recent letter warning of the possibility of ethnic cleansing in Israel and the Occupied Territories. The 187 Israeli signatories express concern that the “fog of war” [against Iraq] “could be exploited by the Israeli government to commit further crimes against the Palestinian people, up to full- fledged ethnic cleansing.” 

The Israeli professors point out that: “The Israeli ruling coalition includes parties that promote ‘transfer’ of the Palestinian population as a solution to what they call ‘the demographic problem’. Politicians are regularly quoted in the media as suggesting forcible expulsion, most recently MKs [members of the Israeli parliament] Michael Kleiner and Benny Elon, as reported on Yediot Ahronot website on September 19, 2002. In a recent interview in Israeli daily Ha’aretz, Chief of Staff Moshe Ya’alon described the Palestinians as a ‘cancerous manifestation’ and equated the military actions in the Occupied Territories with ‘chemotherapy’, suggesting that more radical ‘treatment’ may be necessary. Prime Minister Sharon has backed this ‘assessment of reality’. Escalating racist demagoguery concerning the Palestinian citizens of Israel may indicate the scope of the crimes that are possibly being contemplated.” 

Benjamin Netanyahu, the newly appointed Israeli foreign minister, previously 
advocated expelling Palestinians while the world was distracted with events at Tiananmen Square. 

We join with our Israeli colleagues in calling for vigilance as events unfold in Israel and the Occupied Territories. With an average of more than $10 million dollars per day of American tax dollars going to Israel, we believe Americans cannot remain silent while crimes as abhorrent as ethnic cleansing are being openly advocated. 

We urge our government to communicate clearly to the government of Israel that the expulsion of people according to race, religion or nationality would constitute crimes against humanity and will not be tolerated. 

1. Professor Joel Beinin, Stanford 
2. Professor George Bisharat, UC Hastings 
3. Professor Beshara Doumani, UC Berkeley 
4. Professor James G. Ferguson, University of California, Irvine 
5. Professor James Fujii, University of California, Irvine 
6. Professor Zachary Lockman, New York University 
7. Professor Liisa Malkki, University of California, Irvine 
8. Professor Timothy Mitchell, New York University 
9. Professor Glenn Morris, University of Colorado 
10. Professor Gabi Piterberg, UC Los Angeles 
11. Professor James Pope, Rutgers University, School of Law 
12. Professor Glenn E. Robinson, Naval Postgraduate School 
13. Professor Ted Swedenburg, University of Arkansas 
14. Professor Anthony Thompson, New York University 
15. Professor Judith Tucker, Georgetown University 

Letter Against Expulsion of the Palestinians 

Note: Institutional affiliation is for identification purposes only 
Other Academics and Intellectuals Worldwide 

1041. Professor Paul Aarts, University of Amsterdam, Holland 
1042. Nimao Abdi, George Mason University, Student 
1043. Anne-France Abillon, Medical Doctor, France 
1044. Bisan Aburoqti, Gender Coordinator, Miftah, Palestine 
1045. Yasmine Al Farra, University of Jordan, Student 
1046. Professor Dr. Mohamed Abdulla Al Roken, UAE University, 
1047. Lecturer M. Z. H. Alhazmi, University of Aden, Yemen 
1048. Hajer Althefery, University of Akron, Ohio, Student & VP of the Middle Eastern Student Association 
1049. Professor Christine Amadou, University of Oslo, Norway, Norway 
1050. Jessica A. Andrepont, Pace University-NYC, Student 
1051. Andre Arcache, Engineer: Sales Manager, Eliokem, SAS, France 
1052. Professor Custodio Arias, Universidad de San Marcos, Perú, Peru 
1053. Professor Richard T.W. Arthur, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada 
1054. Professor Sylvat Aziz, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada 
1055. Laila Baker-Ayoub, National Programme Officer, UN Population Fund, Jerusalem 
1056. Professor Himani Bannerji, York University, Canada 
1057. Joe Barber, Trinity College, Director of Community Service & Civic Engagement 
1058. Professor Dilek Barlas, Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey, Turkey 
1059. Donald J. Barry, Cornell University, Staff Astronomer 
1060. Leyla Ben Jaffal, Sales Administrator, Paris, France 
1061. Professor Kmar Bendana, University of La Manouba, Tunisia 
1062. Richard Bentley, Consultant, Hydro Geo Chem, Inc., Tucson, Arizona 
1063. Dr./Reverand Alan Bentz-Letts, Hofstra University and Queen’s College (CUNY), Protestant Chaplain 
1064. Anna Bernstein, University of Chicago, Ph.D. candidate 
1065. Moira Birss, University of Michigan, Student 
1066. Elizabeth Bishop, American University in Cairo, Scholar Affiliate 
1067. Hisham Bizri, MIT, Fellow/Artist-in-Residence 
1068. Professor Clare Booth, Oxford Brookes University, UK 
1069. Carol Rae Bradford, M. Ed., Intellectual, 
1070. Professor Dr. A. Clare Brandabur, Do_u_ University, Istanbul, Turkey, Puerto Rico 
1071. Margaret B. Cammack, MDiv. Union Theological Seminary, no present affiliation, 
1072. Professor Ines Canabal, Ph.D., Ponce School of Medicine, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico 
1073. Professor Ignacio Cancino, Centro Peruano de Estudios Sociales, Peru 
1074. Professor Claudia Castaneda, Lancaster University, UK, UK 
1075. Professor Maurice Cerasi, University of Genoa, Italy 
1076. Waris Ali Chaudry, Chairman, Global Foundation, Lahore, Pakistan 
1077. Professor Peter Chidiac, Ph.D., University of Western Ontario, Canada 
1078. Professor Kim Clark, University of Western Ontario, Canada 
1079. Professor James Colliander, University of Toronto, Canada 
1080. Elizabeth M. Cowan, University of Michigan, Undergraduate Student 
1081. Professor Dr. Edward Curthoys, University of Sydney, Australia, Australia 
1082. Professor E. E. Daniel, Ph.D., University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB. Canada 
1083. Professor Dr. Michael Dartnell, University of New Brunswick, Canada, Canada 
1084. Professor Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun, L’universite Paris 7 -Denis Diderot, France 
1085. Mary L. Diaz, California State University, Los Angeles,, Counselor, Student Health Center 
1086. Caroline Dieterle, University of Iowa, Academic Advisor and Librarian 
1087. Professor Erica Cruikshank Dodd, University of Victoria, Canada 
1088. Eleanor A. Doumato, Brown University,, Visiting Scholar 
1089. Professor Douglas Dowd, University of Modena, Italy 
1090. Leila Durr, University of Wisconsin- Madison, Doctoral Student 
1091. Christine Dykgraaf, University of Arizona, Librarian 
1092. Professor Fernando Eguren, Centro Peruano de Estudios Sociales, Peru 
1093. Anne Eisenberg, University of Michigan, Student 
1094. Dalal el Bizri, Colomnist in Al-Hayat (par arab newspaper), 
1095. Dana El Farra, The American University in Cairo, Student 
1096. Dr. Kamilia El Farra, Consultant Gynaecologist, Princess Alexandra Hospital, UK 
1097. Professor B. El Mabsout, Universite Paris 6, France 
1098. Professor Dr. J. El-Murad, University of Westminster, London, UK 
1099. Professor Dr. Kamal El-Shaweesh, MANCAT, Manchester, UK 
1100. Anver M. Emon, UC Los Angeles, Graduate Student 
1101. Professor Randa Farah, University of Western Ontario, Canada 
1102. Mary C. Smith Fawzi, Harvard Medical School, Instructor 
1103. Lily Feidy, Ph.D., Deputy, Program Design & Management, Miftah, Jerusalem 
1104. Professor Pedro M. Guimaraes Ferreira, Pontificia Universidade Catolica, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 
1105. Lucy Ferriss, Trinity College, Writer-in-residence 
1106. Hilary Fineman, Columbia University, MA Student 
1107. Professor Laura Fiocco, University of Calabria, Italy 
1108. Robert Francin, Rutgers University, Newark Campus, Law Librarian 
1109. Miriam Frank, New York University,, Master Teacher of Humanities 
1110. Laura Friesen-Lynn, University of Michigan, Flint, Assistant Librarian, Reference and Research Instruction 
1111. Marc-Andre Girard,M.A., Clinician Psychologist, Quebec, Canada 
1112. Kaylin Goldstein, University of Chicago, Ph.D. candidate 
1113. Professor Jeremy Gould, Academy of Finland, Finland 
1114. Professor Yossi Guttmann, University of Haifa, Israel 
1115. Dr. B. Haidar, CNRS-Mulhouse, France 
1116. John Haines, Artist, Garrison, NY 
1117. Wendy C. Hamblet, Ph.D., California State University, Philosophy Department 
1118. Professor Dr. Paul Hamel, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
1119. Doudja Hammouda, Maître de conférence, L’Institut des Sciences Médicales d’Alger- Algérie 
1120. Ashwini Hardikar, University of Michigan, Undergraduate Student 
1121. Professor Antun F. Harik, Matn University, Beirut, Lebanon, Lebanon 
1122. Professor Michael Harris, Universite Paris 7, France 
1123. Marlo C. Henderson, University of Massachusetts, Ph.D. candidate 
1124. David Hershberger, Computer Programmer, Continental Divide Robotics 
1125. Mary Hershberger, Captial University, History Instructor 
1126. Travis Hodges, University of Michigan, Student 
1127. Jean-Luc Howell, Purdue University, Student 
1128. Professor Ian Hughes, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada 
1129. Adrienne Carey Hurley, Stanford University, Postdoctoral Fellow 
1130. Dr. Muzaffar Iqbal, Center for Islam and Science, President 
1131. Maria Issah, Pace University,, Diversity Coordinator 
1132. Jake Jakaitus, Indiana State University, Coordinator of General Education 
1133. Dr. Assad Jalai, University of Wales Swansea, UK 
1134. Nancy Jones, UC Los Angeles, Ph.D. Student 
1135. Professor Denis Jonnes, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan 
1136. Michelle Jusino, Florida State University, Undergraduate Student 
1137. Professor David Kahane, University of Alberta, Canada 
1138. Cindy Karam, Align Media Inc., Director of Operations 
1139. Christine Karatnytsky, Billy Rose Theatre Collection, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, New York 
1140. Lale Khalili, Columbia University, Ph.D. Candidate 
1141. Noor-Aiman Khan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Visiting Instructor 
1142. Bob Kirkconnell, MS, HRM, Chapman University Alumnus, 
1143. Iman Kishawi, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School, Assitant in biology, Endocrine Unit 
1144. Peter Klosterman, UC San Francisco, Postdoctoral Research Fellow 
1145. Professor Katerina Kolozova, University of Skopje, Macedonia 
1146. Karl Korinek, Columbia University, Technician, Center for Neurobiology and Biology 
1147. Michael Ladah, University of Phoenix, Nevada Campus, Faculty Member 
1148. Lesli Lanning, University of Iowa, Assistant Director of NRC for International Studies 
1149. Peter Lemish, Sonoma State University, Liberal Studies 
1150. Rabbi Michael Lerner, San Francisco, CA, 
1151. Professor Jaakko Leskinen, Helsinki School of Economics, Finland 
1152. Dr. Les Levidow, Open University, UK (US citizen), Research Fellow 
1153. Steven I. Levine, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Interim Director, Carolina Asia Center 
1154. Professor Catherine Lévy, CNRS-Paris 1, France, France 
1155. Andrew T. Linn, University of Michigan, Student 
1156. Françoise Louis-Morin Ed.D., Maître de Conférences – Université de Liège, Liège, Belgium 
1157. Tara Maddock, Ph.D., University of Kentucky, Postdoctoral Research Fellow 
1158. Farida Marei, The American University in Cairo, Senior Librarian 
1159. Pamela Margid, Cornell University, Ph.D. candidate 
1160. Professor Dr. Nur Masalha, St. Mary’s College, University of Surrey, UK, UK 
1161. Jean McDonald, York University (Canada), Graduate Student 
1162. Professor Dr. Emma McEvoy, Goldsmith College, University of London, UK 
1163. Lecturer Patrick McNally, Waseda University, Japan 
1164. Professor Dr. Aaron Milavec, University of Victoria, Canada 
1165. Professor Haideh Moghissi, Atkinson College, York University, Canada 
1166. Kristin V. Monroe, Stanford University, Graduate Student 
1167. Professor Annelies Moors, University of Amsterdam, Holland 
1168. Professor Regis Morelon, CNRS-Paris; IDEO, Cairo, France 
1169. Richard E. Moritz, University of Washington, Applied Physics Lab, Principal Oceanographer 
1170. Behrooz Mozami, New York University,, Visiting Scholar 
1171. Ahlam Muhtaseb, University of Memphis,, Teaching Assistant 
1172. Thomas D. Mullins, Harvard University, Associate Director, Center for Middle Eastern Studies 
1173. Professor Martha Mundy, LSE, UK 
1174. Professor Anne Murcott, South Bank University, London, UK 
1175. Professor Nefissa N. A. Naguib, Oslo University College, Norway, Norway 
1176. Professor Wim Nerinckx, Ph.D., Ghent University, Belgium 
1177. Rhonda L. Neugebauer, UC Riverside,, Bibliographer 
1178. Professor Michael Neumann, Trent University, Canada 
1179. Pamela Nice, University of St. Thomas, Adjunct Instructor 
1180. Jon Nissenbaum, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary,, Research Fellow 
1181. Dr. Theodore Norton, State College, PA,, Independent Scholar 
1182. Francisco Olvera, O.L.V.M., Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sister, National Farm Worker Ministry, CA staff, CA 
1183. Poornima Paidipaty, Columbia University, Student 
1184. Marie-Jo Parbot, Pediatrician, C.G. Drome, France 
1185. Alejandro Paz, University of Chicago, Doctoral student 
1186. Lecturer Dr. Nadeem Pervez, Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, Ireland 
1187. Rachel Petrak, University of Michigan-Flint, Administrative Assistant 
1188. Gretchen Pfeil, University of Chicago, Doctoral student 
1189. Stacy Philpott, University of Michigan, Graduate Student 
1190. Martha Speirs Plettner, The American University in Cairo, Senior Librarian 
1191. Professor W. Scott Prudham, University of Toronto, Canada 
1192. Professor Roger Prud’homme, CNRS-Paris, France 
1193. Cynthia L. Quast, Professional Engineer & Senior Project Manager, Iowa City, IA 
1194. Professor Alain Quemin, University of Marne-la-Vallee, France 
1195. Professor Katharine Rankin, University of Toronto, Canada 
1196. Professor Roshdi Rashed, CNRS; Universy of Tokyo, France 
1197. Professor Rebecca Roberts, University of York, UK 
1198. Blake Robinswood, University of Iowa, Research Assistant 
1199. Professor Christopher J. Roederer, University of the Witwatersrand, School of Law, 
1200. Professor Janet Roitman, CNRS-Paris, France 
1201. Sarah Rosenberg, recent grad from American U w/ MA in Int’l Dev and Conf. Res., Lafayette, CO 
1202. Dr. Sarah Roy, Harvard University, Senior Research Scholar 
1203. Professor Floyd Webster Rudmin, University of Tromso, Norway 
1204. Kaya Sahin, University of Chicago, Graduate Student 
1205. Lecturer Sandra Saifi Madi, Center for American Education, Dubai, UAE 
1206. Christine Sauve, University of Michigan, Student 
1207. Mozhgan Savabieasfahani, Ph.D., University of Michigan,, Environmental Toxicologist 
1208. Professor Dr. Yvonne Schmidt, Universitaetsstrasse, 
1209. Professor Philippe C. Schmitter, European University Institute, S. Domenico di Fiesole, Italy 
1210. Ralph Schoenman, Co-producer of Taking Aim, New York 
1211. Katherine Schorr, University of Michigan, Student 
1212. Ingalisa Schrobsdorff, New York University,, Associate Director 
1213. Aral Sezginis, Ohio State University, Medical student 
1214. Snehal Shingavi, UC Berkeley, Ph.D. Candidate 
1215. Mya Shone, Co-producer of Taking Aim, New York 
1216. Dr. Stephen Siegel, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Senior Research Scientist 
1217. E. Lee Skjon, University of Chicago, Graduate Student 
1218. Professor David Slater, Loughborough University, UK 
1219. Jerome Slater, SUNY, Buffalo, University Research Scholar 
1220. Jerome Slater, SUNY, Buffalo, University Research Scholar 
1221. Professor Taos Aït Si Slimane, La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Paris, France 
1222. Paul Snodgrass, University of Arizona, Senior Undergraduate 
1223. Professor Yehiam Soreq, Beit-Berl College, Israel 
1224. Carol Stanton, Contra Costa College, Instructor 
1225. Julia Stein, Santa Monica College, Instructor 
1226. Professor Narendra Subramanian, McGill University, Canada 
1227. Mairaj U. Syed, UC Los Angeles, Graduate Student 
1228. Elizabeth Taylor, American University in Cairo, Scholar Affiliate 
1229. Dr. Frank M. Tedesco, University of South Florida, Instructor 
1230. Christopher Thinnes, Curtis School, Administrator and Instructor 
1231. Ralf Thomaier, Dipl. Ing., President of Truevision Instruments, 
1232. Miriam Thompson, Queens College, CUNY, Special Projects Coordinator, Worker Education Program 
1233. Jihad Turk, UC Los Angeles, Ph.D. Candidate 
1234. Professor Dr. Huub van de Sandt, Tilburg University, Holland 
1235. Valerie Vaughn, UC Davis, Graduate Student 
1236. Robert H. Walters, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, Phoenix, AZ 
1237. Stephen Wangh, New York University, Master Teacher of Acting 
1238. Professor Matthew F. Wettlaufer, Universitaet Gesamthochschule, Kassel, Germany 
1239. Edwin N. Wilmsen, University of Texas, Austin, Research Scholar 
1240. Tom Wilson, Chapman University, Director, Paulo Freire Democratic Project 
1241. Mona Younis, University of Michigan, Flint, Accounts Manager, Office of Research 
1242. Professor Samar Zebian, American University of Beirut 

Additional American Professor Signatories 

16. Professor Rabab Abdulhadi, New York University 
17. Professor Bassam Abed, New York University 
18. Professor Rula Abisaab, University of Akron, OH 
19. Professor Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl, UC Los Angeles School of Law 
20. Professor Yousef Abou-Allaban, University of Massachusetts Medical School 
21. Professor Abdul Abou-Samra, M.D., Ph.D., Harvard Medical School 
22. Professor Margaret Abraham, Hofstra University 
23. Professor Ervand Abrahamian, CUNY, Baruch College 
24. Professor Janet Lippman Abu-Lughod, New School University 
25. Professor Lila Abu-Lughod, Columbia University 
26. Professor Lama Abu-Odeh, Georgetown Law Center 
27. Professor M. Abushagur, Rochester Institute of Technology 
28. Professor Penelope Adair, University of Texas, Pan American 
29. Lecturer Rutie Adler, UC Berkeley 
30. Member of Faculty Moji Agha, University of Phoenix 
31. Professor Aaron Ahuvia, University of Michigan, Dearborn 
32. Professor Omofolabo Ajayi, University of Kansas 
33. Professor Shahid Alam, Northeastern University 
34. Professor Samer Alatout, Dartmouth College 
35. Professor Ammiel Alcalay, Queens College; CUNY Graduate Center 
36. Professor William M. Alexander, California Polytechnic State University 
37. Professor Robert R. Alford, CUNY, Graduate Center 
38. Professor Mahdi Alosh, Ohio State University 
39. Professor Benjamin L. Alpers, University of Oklahoma 
40. Professor Robert Alvarez, UC San Diego 
41. Professor Jennifer Alvery, University of Michigan, Flint 
42. Professor Vikram Amar, UC Hastings 
43. Professor Camron Michael Amin, University of Michigan, Dearborn 
44. Professor Elizabeth Ammons, Tufts University 
45. Professor Deborah P. Amory, Purchase College SUNY 
46. Professor Srinidhi Anantharamiah, Florida Metropolitan University and Brevard Community College 
47. Professor Jeffrey S. Anastasi, Arizona State University West 
48. Professor Peter B. Anderson, Ph.D., University of New Orleans-Lakefront Campus 
49. Professor Gil Anidjar, Columbia University 
50. Professor Zehra F. Kabasakal Arat, SUNY, Purchase College 
51. Professor Juan Manuel Arbona, Bryn Mawr College 
52. Professor Carol Archie, M.D., School of Medicine, UC Los Angeles 
53. Professor Jacqueline Armijo, Stanford University 
54. Professor Stanley Aronowitz, CUNY Graduate Center 
55. Professor Naseer Aruri, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth 
56. Professor Talal Asad, CUNY, Graduate Center 
57. Professor Adrienne Asch, Wellesley College 
58. Professor Dr. Robert Ashmore, Marquette University 
59. Professor Peter Ashton, Harvard University 
60. Professor Frank Askin, Rutgers University, School of Law 
61. Professor Anna Held Audette, Southern Connecticut State University 
62. Professor Elsa Auerbach, University of Massachusetts, Boston 
63. Professor Arlene Avakian, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
64. Lecturer Mostafa Avini, University of Texas, Austin 
65. Professor Paola Bacchetta, UC Berkeley 
66. Professor Mamoun M. Bader, Pennsylvania State 
67. Professor Roger J. Bagshaw, University of Pennsylvania 
68. Professor John S. Baick, Western New England College 
69. Professor Raymond William Baker, Trinity College 
70. Professor Eric Bakovic, UC San Diego 
71. Professor Mary Jo Bang, Washington University in St. Louis 
72. Professor Karen Barad, Mount Holyoke College 
73. Professor Pranab Bardhan, UC Berkeley 
74. Professor Dr. Khalil Barhoum, Stanford 
75. Professor Chris Barnes, Middle Georgia College 
76. Professor Grace Baron, Wheaton College 
77. Professor Valerie Barr, Hofstra University 
78. Professor Dana Bartelt, Loyola University, New Orleans 
79. Professor Laurent Bartholdi, UC Berkeley 
80. Professor Frank Battaglia, CUNY, College of Staten Island 
81. Professor Howard J. Baumgartel, University of Kansas 
82. Professor Rosalyn Baxandall, SUNY, Old Westbury 
83. Lecturer Dr. Hatem Bazian, UC Berkeley 
84. Professor Michael Beard, University of North Dakota 
85. Professor Phillip Beard, Ph.D., Sonoma State University 
86. Professor Laleh Behbehanian, UC Berkeley 
87. Professor Ali Behdad, UC Los Angeles 
88. Professor Duran Bell, UC Irvine 
89. Professor Anna Bellisari, Wright State University 
90. Professor Giovanna Benadusi, University of South Florida 
91. Professor Lourdes Beneria, Cornell University 
92. Professor Wesley Bergen, Wichita State University 
93. Professor Victoria Bernal, UC Irvine 
94. Professor Susan Bernofsky, Bard College 
95. Professor Anne C. Bernstein, Wright Institute 
96. Professor R.B. Bernstein, New York Law School 
97. Professor Donald L. Berry, Colgate University 
98. Lecturer Jane Fair Bestor, Harvard University 
99. Professor Ashutosh Bhagwat, UC Hastings 
100. Professor Marc Bilodeau, Indiana University Purdue University 
101. Professor Keith Bisharat, CSU, Sacramento 
102. Professor Dr. Maylei Blackwell, Loyola Marymount University 
103. Professor Debra J. Blake, University of Minnesota, Morris 
104. Professor Judith R. Blau, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 
105. Professor Robert Blecher, University of Richmond 
106. Professor Stephen Blum, CUNY, Graduate Center 
107. Professor Chana Boch, Mills College 
108. Professor Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Texas A&M University 
109. Professor Aubrey W. Bonnett, SUNY, Old Westbury 
110. Professor Marilyn Booth, Brown University 
111. Professor Hagit Borer, University of Southern California 
112. Professor Debra Borkovitz, Wheelock College 
113. Professor John Borneman, Princeton University 
114. Professor Avram Bornstein, CUNY, John Jay 
115. Professor Erica Bornstein, Stanford 
116. Professor Mehrzad Boroujerdi, Syracuse University 
117. Professor Richard Boswell, UC Hastings 
118. Professor Philippe Bourgois, UC San Francisco 
119. Professor Donna Lee Bowen, Brigham Young University 
120. Professor Daniel Boyarin, UC Berkeley 
121. Professor Francis A. Boyle, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
122. Professor Thomas Brackett, Colgate University 
123. Professor Mary P. Brady, Cornell University 
124. Professor Thomas A. Jr. Brady, UC Berkeley 
125. Professor Lila Braine, Barnard College, Columbia 
126. Professor Laurie A. Brand, University of Southern California 
127. Professor Mark Lau Branson, Fuller Theological Seminary 
128. Professor Howard Brick, Washington University in St. Louis 
129. Professor Renate Bridenthal, CUNY, Brooklyn 
130. Professor Linda Brion-Meisels, Lesley University 
131. Lecturer Steven Brion-Meisels, Harvard University 
132. Professor Karen Brodkin, UC Los Angeles 
133. Professor Patricia P. Brodsky, University of Missouri 
134. Professor Stephen Eric Bronner, Rutgers 
135. Professor Dana H. Brooks, Northeastern University 
136. Professor Ethel Brooks, Rutgers 
137. Professor Nancy Brooks, University of Vermont 
138. Professor Wendy Brown, UC Berkeley 
139. Professor Mark Buchan, Princeton University 
140. Professor J.F. Buckley, Ohio State University 
141. Professor Paul Buhle, Brown University 
142. Professor Michael Burawoy, UC Berkeley 
143. Professor Edmund Burke, III, UC Santa Cruz 
144. Professor Elizabeth Burr, University of St Thomas 
145. Professor David Burrell, University of Notre Dame 
146. Professor Judith Butler, UC Berkeley 
147. Professor Bob Buzzanco, University of Houston 
148. Professor Roger Byrne, UC Berkeley 
149. Professor Erin G. Carlston, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 
150. Professor Claudia J. Carr, UC Berkeley 
151. Professor Berenice A. Carroll, Purdue University 
152. Professor Courtenay Carter, Hood College 
153. Professor Max L. Carter, Guilford College 
154. Professor Rand Carter, Hamilton College 
155. Professor Dion Cautrell, Ohio State University, Mansfield 
156. Professor Cassandra Cavanaugh, College of the Holy Cross 
157. Professor Courtenay B. Cazden, Harvard Graduate School of Education (retired) 
158. Professor Sally Charnow, Hofstra University 
159. Professor Kumkum Chatterjee, Penn State University 
160. Professor Kiren Aziz Chaudhry, UC Berkeley 
161. Professor Ira Chernus, University of Colorado, Boulder 
162. Professor Vivek Chibber, New York University 
163. Professor Roger Chickering, Georgetown University 
164. Professor Noam Chomsky, MIT 
165. Professor Zeljko Cipris, University of the Pacific 
166. Professor Christina Civantos, University of Miami 
167. Professor Adele E. Clarke, University of California, San Francisco 
168. Professor Richard Pierre Claude, University of Maryland 
169. Professor Dan Clawson, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
170. Professor Sydney Gurewitz Clemens, UC Davis 
171. Professor James Clifford, UC Santa Cruz 
172. Professor James A. Cohen, University of Paris (U.S. Citizen) 
173. Professor Lorraine Cohen, CUNY, LaGuardia Community College 
174. Professor Mark Cohen, University of California, Los Angeles 
175. Professor Deborah Cohler, San Francisco State University 
176. Professor Benjamin N. Colby, University of California, Irvine 
177. Professor Juan Cole, University of Michigan 
178. Professor Elliott Colla, Brown University 
179. Professor Ruth Berins Collier, UC Berkeley 
180. Professor Ellizabeth Colson, UC Berkeley 
181. Professor John Comaroff, University of Chicago 
182. Professor M. Elaine Combs-Schilling, Columbia University 
183. Professor John Connelly, UC Berkeley 
184. Professor William A Cook, Univeristy of La Verne 
185. Professor Miriam Cooke, Duke 
186. Professor Gene Cooper, University of Southern California 
187. Professor Patricia Cooper, University of Kentucky 
188. Professor Robert J. Corber, Trinity College 
189. Professor Sister Miriam Corcoran, SCN, Spalding University 
190. Professor Gilles Corcos, UC Berkeley 
191. Professor Suzanne Corkin, Ph.D., MIT 
192. Professor Barbara Correll, Cornell University 
193. Professor María Dolores Costa, California State University, Los Angeles 
194. Professor Christoph Cox, Hampshire College 
195. Professor Altha J. Cravey, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 
196. Professor Robert Creeley, SUNY, Buffalo 
197. Professor Jonathan Crewe, Dartmouth College 
198. Professor Charles Crittenden, California State University, Northridge 
199. Professor Walter H. Crockett, University of Kansas 
200. Professor William K. Crowley, Sonoma State University 
201. Lecturer Elyse Crystall, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 
202. Professor Jennifer Culbert, Johns Hopkins University 
203. Professor Bob Cunningham, University of Tennessee, Knoxville 
204. Professor Kenneth M. Cuno, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
205. Professor John Dabeet, Muscatine Community College 
206. Professor Carlos Daganzo, UC Berkeley 
207. Professor Deborah Dakin, Augustana College 
208. Professor Emily Dalgarno, Boston University 
209. Professor Ahmad Dallal, Stanford 
210. Professor Antonia Darder, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
211. Professor Aniruddha Das, Columbia University 
212. Professor Lawrence Davidson, West Chester University 
213. Professor Angela Y. Davis, UC Santa Cruz 
214. Professor Mike Davis, University of California, Irvine 
215. Professor Tom Davis, St. Edward’s University 
216. Professor Nicholas De Genova, Columbia 
217. Professor Ben O. de Lumen, UC Berkeley 
218. Professor Charles A. deProsse, M.D., University of Iowa 
219. Professor Erika Derkas, Loyola Marymount University 
220. Professor Michael C. Desch, University of Kentucky 
221. Professor J. Paul Devlin, Oklahoma State University 
222. Professor Adma d’Heurle, Mercy College 
223. Professor Maria Elena Diaz, UC Santa Cruz 
224. Professor Abdur–Rahim Dib Dudar, Benedict College 
225. Professor Michael Dietler, University of Chicago 
226. Professor Linda Dittmar, University of Massachusetts, Boston 
227. Professor Peter Dodd, American University of Beirut 
228. Professor William Doering, Harvard University 
229. Professor Frances E. Dolan, Miami University 
230. Professor Corey Dolgon, Worcester State College 
231. Professor Fred M. Donner, University of Chicago 
232. Professor Ana Dopico, New York University 
233. Professor Simon Doubleday, Hofstra University 
234. Professor Harry D’Souza, University of Michigan, Flint 
235. Professor Richard B Du Boff, Bryn Mawr College 
236. Professor Al Dueck, Fuller Theological Seminary 
237. Lecturer Carolyn Duffey, Stanford 
238. Professor John Duffy, Harvard University 
239. Professor Ian Duncan, UC Berkeley 
240. Professor Stephen Duncombe, New York University 
241. Professor Dr. Cliff DuRand, Morgan State University 
242. Professor William Durland, Trinidad State Junior College 
243. Professor Beva Eastman, William Mitchell College of Law 
244. Professor Carolyn J. Eichner, University of South Florida 
245. Professor Dr. Rabbi Susan L. Einbinder, Hebrew Union College 
246. Professor Carolyn Eisenberg, Hofstra University 
247. Professor Rolfs Ekmanis, Arizona State University 
248. Professor Chouki El Hamel, Arizona State University 
249. Professor David Elesh, Temple University 
250. Professor Yehia El-Ezabi, American University in Cairo 
251. Professor Nadia Abu El-Haj, Barnard College, Columbia 
252. Professor Nada Elia, Harvard University 
253. Professor Paul Elitzik, Liberal Arts School of the Art Institute of Chicago 
254. Professor Mansour O. El-Kikhia, University of Texas, San Antonio 
255. Professor Kate Ellis, Rutgers 
256. Professor Cheryl Elman, University of Akron, OH 
257. Professor Joe E. Elmore, Earlham College 
258. Professor Kim Elmore, University of Arizona 
259. Professor Barbara Alpern Engel, University of Colorado, Boulder 
260. Professor Bradley S. Epps, Harvard University 
261. Professor Susan Ervin-Tripp, UC Berkeley 
262. Professor Arturo Escobar, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 
263. Professor Joseph W. Esherick, UC San Diego 
264. Professor Adriana Estill, University of New Mexico 
265. Professor Fred Evans, Duquesne University 
266. Professor John H. Evans, UC San Diego 
267. Professor Khaled Fahmy, New York University 
268. Professor Suzanne Falck-Yi, Waldorf College 
269. Professor Richard Falk, Princeton University 
270. Professor Samuel Farber, CUNY, Brooklyn 
271. Professor Mamdouh Farid, Hofstra University 
272. Professor James C. Faris, University of Connecticut 
273. Professor John W Farley, University of Nevada, Las Vegas 
274. Professor Janice Farnham, Weston Jesuit School of Theology 
275. Professor Carla Farsi, University of Colorado, Boulder 
276. Professor Samih Farsoun, American University 
277. Professor Munis D. Faruqui, University of Dayton 
278. Professor Mary Ann Fay, American University of Sharjah 
279. Professor Lenore Feigenbaum, Tufts University 
280. Professor Walter Feinberg, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
281. Professor Jerome Feldman, UC Berkeley 
282. Professor K Feldman, MTSU 
283. Professor Shelley Feldman, Cornell University 
284. Professor Ann Ferguson, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
285. Professor Kathy E. Ferguson, University of Hawai`I 
286. Professor Kennan Ferguson, University of South Florida 
287. Professor Johanna Fernandez, Trinity College 
288. Professor Judith Ferster, North Carolina State University 
289. Professor Raya Fidel, University of Washington 
290. Professor Norma Field, University of Chicago 
291. Professor A. Belden Fields, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
292. Professor Carter V. Findley, Ohio State University 
293. Professor Norman G. Finkelstein, DePaul University, Chicago, IL 
294. Professor Marcelo Fiorini, Hofstra University 
295. Professor Berenice Fisher, New York University 
296. Professor Ellen Fleischmann, University of Dayton 
297. Professor Adam Flint, Hartwick College 
298. Professor Karen Flynn, Ph.D., University of Akron, OH 
299. Professor Jerise Fogel, Marshall University 
300. Professor Claudio Fogu, University of Southern California 
301. Professor Barbara Foley, Rutgers University, Newark Campus 
302. Professor Richard Foltz, University of Florida 
303. Professor Manzar Foroohar, California Polytechnic State University 
304. Professor Ronald Forthofer, University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston 
305. Professor Geyla Frank, University of Southern California 
306. Professor Judith Frank, Amherst College 
307. Professor Marilyn Frankenstein, University of Massachusetts, Boston 
308. Professor Cynthia Franklin, University of Hawai`I 
309. Professor Joe Franko, Mount San Antonio College 
310. Professor Elliot M. Fratkin, Ph.D., Smith College 
311. Professor Isabelle Freda, New York University 
312. Professor Samuel Freeman, Ph.D., University of Texas-Pan American 
313. Professor Eliot Freidson, New York University 
314. Lecturer Peggy Friedman, Rutgers University 
315. Professor Takashi Fujitani, UC San Diego 
316. Professor William Fuller, Valdosta State University 
317. Professor Alice B. Fulton, University of Iowa 
318. Professor Christopher Fung, Hawai`i Pacific University 
319. Professor Nanette Funk, CUNY, Brooklyn 
320. Professor Peter Gacs, Boston University 
321. Professor Kelly Gaddis, Ph.D., Lewis & Clark College 
322. Professor Patrick D. Gaffney, University of Notre Dame 
323. Lecturer Keith Gallagher, California State University 
324. Professor Nancy Gallagher, UC Santa Barbara 
325. Professor Barry L Gan, St. Bonaventure University 
326. Professor Jorge Garcia, California State University, Northridge 
327. Professor Jan Edward Garrett, Western Kentucky University 
328. Professor Philip Gasper, Notre Dame de Namure University, CA 
329. Professor Michael Gasser, Indiana University, Bloomington 
330. Professor Dr. Laura Gellott, University of Wisconsin, Parkside 
331. Professor Irene Gendzier, Boston University 
332. Professor Deborah J. Gerner, University of Kansas 
333. Professor John Gerring, Boston University 
334. Professor Marvin E. Gettleman, Brooklyn Polytechnic University 
335. Professor Dr. Deborah Gewertz, Amherst College 
336. Professor Jess Ghannam, UC San Francisco 
337. Professor S.M. Ghazanfar, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho 
338. Professor Alessandro Ghidini, M.D., Georgetown University Hospital 
339. Professor John Gianvito, Boston University 
340. Professor Jane W. Gibson, University of Kansas 
341. Professor Paul Gilroy, Yale University 
342. Professor Terri Ginsberg, CUNY 
343. Professor Shai Ginsburg, Arizona State University 
344. Professor Lori Ginzberg, Penn State University 
345. Professor Saverio Giovacchini, University of Maryland 
346. Professor Abbott Gleason, Brown University 
347. Professor Arthur Glenberg, University of Wisconsin – Madison 
348. Professor Sherna Berger Gluck, California State University, Long Beach 
349. Professor Warren M. Gold, University of California, San Francisco 
350. Professor David Theo Goldberg, UC Irvine 
351. Professor David Goldfischer, University of Denver 
352. Professor W. L. Goldfrank, UC Santa Cruz 
353. Professor Bluma Goldstein, UC Berkeley 
354. Professor Gary R. Goldstein, Tufts University 
355. Professor Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez, University of Texas, Austin 
356. Professor Jeff Goodwin, New York University 
357. Professor Avery F. Gordon, UC Santa Barbara 
358. Professor Deborah A. Gordon, Wichita State University 
359. Professor Linda Gordon, New York University 
360. Professor Margaret S. Gordon, University of Kansas 
361. Professor Matthew S. Gordon, Miami University 
362. Professor Robert J. Gordon, University of Vermont 
363. Professor Paula Gottlieb, University of Wisconsin – Madison 
364. Professor Yerah Gover, Ph.D., Queen’s College, CUNY 
365. Professor John Grady, Wheaton College 
366. Professor William A. Graham, Harvard University 
367. Professor Jonathan Graubart, San Diego State University 
368. Professor Karen B. Graubart, Cornell University 
369. Professor Margaret E. Gray, Indiana University 
370. Professor Katy Gray Brown, University of Minnesota 
371. Professor David Green, Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
372. Professor Jody Greene, UC Santa Cruz 
373. Professor Virginie Greene, Harvard University 
374. Professor Inderpal Grewal, UC Irvine 
375. Professor Charles Gross, Princeton University 
376. Professor Charlotte Gross, North Carolina State University 
377. Professor Maria Grosz-Ngate, Indiana University 
378. Professor Erich S. Gruen, UC Berkeley 
379. Professor Beatrice Gruendler, Yale University 
380. Professor A. Tom Grunfeld, SUNY, Empire State College 
381. Professor Ed Guerrero, New York University 
382. Professor Hugh Gusterson, MIT 
383. Professor Dimitri Gutas, Yale University 
384. Professor Andrew Paul Gutierrez, UC Berkeley 
385. Professor Matthew C. Gutmann, Brown University 
386. Professor William W. Hagen, UC Davis 
387. Professor Elaine Haglund, California State University, Long Beach 
388. Professor Elaine C. Hagopian, Simmons College, Boston, MA 
389. Professor Peter Haidu, UC Los Angeles 
390. Research Associate & Lecturer Chad Haines, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 
391. Professor Lisa Hajjar, UC Santa Barbara 
392. Professor Gerry A. Hale, University of California, Los Angeles 
393. Professor Sondra Hale, UC Los Angeles 
394. Professor Saul Halfon, Virginia Tech 
395. Professor B. Welling Hall, Earlham College 
396. Professor Cheryl Hall, University of South Florida 
397. Professor Homer J. Hall, Rutgers 
398. Professor Morris Halle, MIT 
399. Professor Nora Hamilton, University of Southern California 
400. Professor Hannibal Hamlin, Ohio State University 
401. Professor Deborah Hammond, Sonoma State University 
402. Professor Eric Hanne, Florida Atlantic University 
403. Professor Paul D. Hanson, Harvard University 
404. Professor G. Simon Harak, Fordham University 
405. Professor Joseph Harris, Harvard University 
406. Professor Kenneth W. Harrow, Michigan State University 
407. Professor Gillian Hart, UC Berkeley 
408. Professor Laurie Hart, Haverford College 
409. Professor Betsy Hartmann, Hampshire College 
410. Professor Frances S. Hasso, Oberlin College 
411. Professor Jane Hathaway, Ohio State University 
412. Professor Carl R. Hausman, Penn State University 
413. Professor Clement Hawes, Penn State University 
414. Professor Douglas Haynes, Dartmouth College 
415. Professor Hamid Hefazi, California State University, Long Beach 
416. Professor David W Henderson, Cornell University 
417. Professor Eglal Henein, Tufts University 
418. Professor Jane Henrici, University of Memphis 
419. Professor Clement M. Henry, University of Texas, Austin 
420. Professor Gail Hershatter, UC Santa Cruz 
421. Lecturer Jim Hess, UC Irvine 
422. Professor Carla Hesse, UC Berkeley 
423. Professor Nik Heynenn, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee 
424. Professor Sarah Hill, Western Michigan University 
425. Professor Bill Ong Hing, UC Davis 
426. Professor Charles Hirschkind, University of Wisconsin, Madison 
427. Professor Thomas A. Hirschl, Cornell University 
428. Professor George Hochfield, SUNY, Buffalo 
429. Professor Jerome R. Hoffman, UC Los Angeles 
430. Professor Paul F. Hoffman, Harvard University 
431. Lecturer Ann Holder, Harvard University 
432. Professor Philip Holmes, Princeton University 
433. Professor James Holstun, SUNY, Buffalo 
434. Professor Gail Holst-Warhaft, Cornell University 
435. Professor Charles A. Homsy, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston Texas 
436. Professor Young-sun Hong, SUNY, Stony Brook 
437. Lecturer Deborah Hooker, North Carolina State University 
438. Professor David Hopkins, Wheaton College and New York University 
439. Professor Donald E. Hopkins, Pennsylvania State 
440. Professor Kirk A. Hoppe, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
441. Professor Lyle W. Horn, Temple University 
442. Lecturer Doug Hostetter, Northwestern 
443. Professor Patricia J Huhn, Trinidad State Junior College 
444. Professor Kathleen Hulley, New York University 
445. Professor Dr. Zakir Husain, 
446. Professor Mahmood Ibrahim, Cal Poly Pomona 
447. Professor Ibrahim Imam, University of Louisville 
448. Professor John Inglis, University of Dayton 
449. Professor Helen Ingram, UC Irvine 
450. Professor Georgette Ioup, University of New Orleans 
451. Professor Mary Jo Iozzio, Ph.D., Barry University 
452. Professor Allen Isaacman, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities 
453. Professor Joel Isaacson, University of Michigan 
454. Professor Shaya Isenberg, University of Florida 
455. Professor Christopher M. Isett, University of Minnesota 
456. Professor David Isles, Tufts University 
457. Professor Nancy W. Jabbra, Loyola Marymount University 
458. Professor Jean E. Jackson, MIT 
459. Professor Matthew Frye Jacobson, Yale University 
460. Professor S. Rao Jammalamadaka, UC Santa Barbara 
461. Professor Lucy Jarosz, University of Washington 
462. Professor Mark Jensen, Pacific Lutheran University 
463. Professor Robert Jensen, University of Texas, Austin 
464. Professor Richard Jessor, University of Colorado, Boulder 
465. Professor Sut Jhally, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
466. Senior Lecturer Mohammed Jiyad, Mount Holyoke College 
467. Professor David E. Johnson, SUNY at Buffalo 
468. Professor Donald Johnson, New York University 
469. Professor Melissa Johnson, Southwestern University 
470. Professor Robert E. Johnson, University of Virginia 
471. Professor Willard R. Johnson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
472. Professor Brian Johnston, Carnegie Mellon University 
473. Professor Charles H. Jones, Rutgers-Newark School of Law 
474. Professor Stephen F. Jones, Mount Holyoke College 
475. Professor David P Jordan, University of Illinois, Chicago 
476. Professor Suad Joseph, UC Davis 
477. Professor Priti Joshi, San Diego State University 
478. Professor Jamil E. Jreisat, University of South Florida 
479. Professor Ray Jureidini, American University of Beirut 
480. Professor Djelal Kadir, Penn State University 
481. Professor Al Kagan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
482. Professor Claire Kahane, University at Bufallo 
483. Professor Rachel Kahn-Hut, San Francisco State University 
484. Professor Vasant Kaiwar, Duke 
485. Professor Isgouhi Kaloshian, UC Riverside 
486. Professor Louis Kampf, MIT 
487. Professor Mehran Kamrava, California State University, Northridge 
488. Professor Rhoda Kanaaneh, American University 
489. Professor Stephen Kanim, New Mexico State University 
490. Professor Nancy Kanwisher, MIT 
491. Professor Tomis Kapitan, Northern Illinois University 
492. Professor Amy Kaplan, University of Pennsylvania 
493. Professor Brett Kaplan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
494. Professor Caren Kaplan, UC Berkeley 
495. Professor Jonathan Karp, SUNY Binghamton 
496. Professor Larry Karp, UC Berkeley 
497. Professor Resat Kasaba, University of Washington 
498. Professor Sharryn Kasmir, Hofstra University 
499. Professor Edward S. Katkin, SUNY, Stony Brook 
500. Professor Cindi Katz, CUNY, Graduate Center 
501. Professor Walda Katz-Fishman, Howard University 
502. Professor Linda Kauffman, University of Maryland, Collage Park 
503. Professor Suvir Kaul, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
504. Professor Melanie Kaye-Kantrowitz, Ph.D., CUNY, Queen’s College 
505. Professor Mujid S. Kazimi, MIT 
506. Professor Evelyn Fox Keller, MIT 
507. Professor Philip D. Kenneson, Milligan College 
508. Professor Flora A. Keshgegian, Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest 
509. Professor Caglar Keydar, SUNY, Binghamton 
510. Professor Colleen M. Keyes, Tunxis Community College 
511. Professor Assaf Kfoury, Boston University 
512. Professor As’ad Abu Khalil, CSU, Stanislaus 
513. Professor Mujeeb R. Khan, DePaul University 
514. Professor Dina Rizk Khoury, George Washington University 
515. Professor Elaine H. Kim, UC Berkeley 
516. Professor Thomas P. Kim, Scripps College 
517. Professor Diane E. King, American University of Beirut 
518. Professor Lovalerie King, University of Massachusetts, Boston 
519. Lecturer Dr. Laurie King-Irani, University of Victoria (American citizen) 
520. Professor Sharon Kinoshita, UC Santa Cruz 
521. Professor Frank M. Kirkland, Hunter College & CUNY Graduate Center 
522. Professor Rita M Kissen, Unversity of Southern Maine 
523. Professor David Klein, California State University, Northridge 
524. Professor Suzanne Klotz, 
525. Professor Isabel F. Knight, Penn State University 
526. Professor Ann O. Koloski-Ostrow, Brandeis University 
527. Professor Dorinne Kondo, University of Southern California 
528. Professor Claudia Koonz, Duke 
529. Professor James S. Koopman, University of Michigan 
530. Professor Kristin Koptiuch, Arizona State University West 
531. Professor Yael Korin, University of California, Los Angeles 
532. Lecturer Dennis Kortheuer, California State University, Long Beach 
533. Professor J. Victor Koschman, Cornell University 
534. Professor John Kramer, Sonoma State University 
535. Professor Mark Kramer, Olivet Nazarene College 
536. Professor Neal Kroll, UC Davis 
537. Professor Chana Kronfeld, UC Berkeley 
538. Professor Julian Kunnie, University of Arizona 
539. Professor Laura J. Kuo, Pomona College 
540. Professor Jay Ladin, Reed College 
541. Professor Utpal Lahiri, University of Southern California 
542. Professor David Laibman, CUNY 
543. Professor Diane Laison, Temple University 
544. Professor Gary Laison, St. Joseph’s University 
545. Professor George Lakoff, UC Berkeley 
546. Professor Vinay Lal, UC Los Angeles 
547. Professor Daphne Lamothe, Rutgers 
548. Professor Roger N. Lancaster, George Mason University 
549. Professor Joan B. Landes, Penn State University 
550. Professor Helen Langa, American University 
551. Professor Yvonne Lange, Rush University 
552. Professor Margaret Larkin, UC Berkeley 
553. Professor Magali Sarfatti Larson, Temple University 
554. Professor Mehrene Larudee, University of Kansas 
555. Professor Aldo Lauria-Santiago, College of the Holy Cross 
556. Professor Jean Lave, UC Berkeley 
557. Professor Standish D. Lawder, Ph.D., Harvard; Yale; UC San Diego 
558. Professor Bruce B. Lawrence, Duke 
559. Professor Fred H. Lawson, Mills College 
560. Professor Azzedine Layachi, St. John’s University 
561. Professor A. Joseph Layon, University of Florida College of Medicine 
562. Professor Mary N. Layoun, University of Wisconsin, Madison 
563. Professor Bentley Layton, Yale University 
564. Professor Evan Tsen Lee, UC Hastings 
565. Professor James Kyung-Jin Lee, University of Texas, Austin 
566. Professor Bronwyn Leebaw, University of California, Riverside 
567. Professor Jennifer Leeman, George Mason University 
568. Professor Claudie Leight, Morgan State University 
569. Professor Jesse Lemisch, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY 
570. Professor Wayne I. Lencer, Harvard Medical School 
571. Professor Dan Letwin, Penn State University 
572. Professor Leon Letwin, UC Los Angeles School of Law 
573. Professor Andrew Levine, University of Wisconsin, Madison 
574. Professor Bruce Levine, UC Santa Cruz 
575. Professor Davdi I. Levine, UC Hastings 
576. Professor Joseph Levine, Ohio State University 
577. Professor Mark LeVine, University of California, Irvine 
578. Professor Michael P. Levine, CUNY, Baruch College 
579. Professor Steven I Levine, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 
580. Professor Richard Levins, Harvard School of Public Health 
581. Professor David Levy, University of Massachusetts, Boston 
582. Professor Robert Lien, California State University, San Bernardino 
583. Professor R. Ruth Linden, University of California, San Francisco 
584. Professor Jonathan Lipman, Mount Holyoke College 
585. Professor Catherine Liu, Bard College 
586. Professor Joe Lockard, Arizona State University 
587. Professor Ronald Loeffler, Carleton 
588. Professor David Loewenstein, University of Wisconsin – Madison 
589. Senior Lecturer Jennifer Loewenstein, University of Wisconsin – Madison 
590. Professor Ania Loomba, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
591. Professor Anne Lopes, Metropolitan College of New York 
592. Professor Wahneema Lubiano, Duke 
593. Professor David Ludden, University of Pennsylvania 
594. Professor Ian Lustick, University of Pennsylvania 
595. Professor Catherine Lutz, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 
596. Professor Cecelia Lynch, University of California, Irvine 
597. Professor David Lyons, Boston University 
598. Professor Arthur MacEwan, University of Massachusetts, Boston 
599. Professor Holly Maguigan, New York University School of Law 
600. Professor Yahia K. Mahamdi, Santa Clara University 
601. Professor Frances Maher, Wheaton College 
602. Professor Malek Makki, Wayne State 
603. Professor Bruce J. Malina, Creighton University, Omaha, NE 
604. Professor Harriet Malinowitz, Long Island University 
605. Professor Betty Reid Mandell, Bridgewater State College 
606. Professor Marvin Mandell, Curry College 
607. Professor Gregory Maney, Hofstra University 
608. Professor Robert W. Mann, MIT 
609. Professor Patrick Manning, Northeastern University 
610. Professor Peter Manuel, John Jay College, CUNY 
611. Professor Jo Burr Margadant, Santa Clara University 
612. Professor Ted W. Margadant, UC Davis 
613. Professor Nabil Marshood, Hudson County Community College 
614. Professor Sallie A. Marston, University of Arizona 
615. Professor Elisa Martí-López, Northwestern 
616. Professor Glen T. Martin, Radford University 
617. Professor J. Paul Martin, Columbia University 
618. Professor Richard C. Martin, Emory University 
619. Professor Judith G. Martin, Ph.D., University of Dayton 
620. Professor Dr. Joseph Martos, Spalding University 
621. Professor Gina Masequesmay, CSUN 
622. Professor Dr. John G. Mason, William Paterson University of New Jersey 
623. Professor Calvin Massey, UC Hastings 
624. Professor Andrew E. Mathis, Temple University 
625. Professor J. Lorand Matory, Harvard 
626. Professor Ugo Mattei, UC Hastings 
627. Professor Diane Matza, Utica College 
628. Professor Bill Maurer, UC Irvine 
629. Professor Leila S. May, North Carolina State University 
630. Professor Todd May, Clemson University 
631. Professor Kristen Hill Mayer, San Diego State University 
632. Professor Tamer Mayer, Middlebury 
633. Professor Jamie Mayerfeld, University of Washington 
634. Professor John Maynard, New York University 
635. Professor Ernest McCarus, University of Michigan 
636. Professor Thomas McClendon, Southwestern University 
637. Professor John McDermott, SUNY, Old Westbury 
638. Professor Sam McFarland, Western Kentucky University 
639. Professor Robert W. McGee, Barry University 
640. Professor David McMurray, Oregon State University 
641. Professor Jim McNulty, Ohio State University 
642. Professor John J. Mearsheimer, University of Chicago 
643. Professor David Mednicoff, University of Massachusetts 
644. Professor John Meloy, American University of Beirut 
645. Professor George E. Mendenhall, University of Michigan 
646. Professor Louis Mendoza, University of Texas, San Antonio 
647. Professor Brinkley Messick, Columbia University 
648. Professor Barbara Metcalf, UC Davis 
649. Professor Alan Meyers, Boston University, School of Medecine 
650. Professor Naomi Mezey, Georgetown University Law Center 
651. Professor Meredith W. Michaels, Smith College 
652. Professor Scott Michaelsen, Michigan State University 
653. Professor Ali Mili, New Jersey Institute of Technology 
654. Professor Fatma Mili, Oakland University 
655. Professor Toby Miller, New York University 
656. Professor Will Miller, University of Vermont 
657. Professor Glen Mimura, UC Irvine 
658. Professor Kathy Miriam, University of New Hampshire 
659. Professor Carl Mitcham, Colorado School of Mines 
660. Professor Katharyne Mitchell, University of Washington 
661. Professor Jay Mittenthal, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
662. Professor Masao Miyoshi, UC San Diego 
663. Professor Tania Modleski, University of Southern California 
664. Professor Darrel Moellendorf, San Diego State University 
665. Professor Fatemeh E. Moghadam, Hofstra University 
666. Professor Helene Moglen, UC Santa Cruz 
667. Professor Harvey Molotch, New York University 
668. Lecturer Donald Monaco, CUNY, La Guardia Community College 
669. Professor Warren Montag, Occidental College 
670. Professor Paul Montagna, CUNY, Brooklyn College & Graduate Center 
671. Professor Theresa Montaño, California State University, Northridge 
672. Professor Rosario Montoya, University of Colorado, Boulder 
673. Professor Catherine M. Mooney, Weston Jesuit School of Theology 
674. Professor Donald Moore, UC Berkeley 
675. Professor John Moore, UC San Diego 
676. Professor Lisa Moore, San Francisco State University 
677. Professor Dan Moos, Rhode Island College 
678. Professor Alfonso Morales, University of Texas, El Paso 
679. Professor Martin J. Morand, Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
680. Professor Jan Moreb, University of Florida 
681. Professor Rachel Morello-Frosch, Ph.D., M.P.H., Brown University 
682. Professor Stephen Morris, UC Berkeley 
683. Lecturer George B. III Moseley, Harvard University 
684. Professor Claire G. Moses, University of Maryland 
685. Professor Kurt Mosser, University of Dayton 
686. Professor Anthony Movshon, New York University 
687. Lecturer Eliana Moya-Raggio, University of Michigan 
688. Lecturer Dr. David G. Muir, Stanford University 
689. Professor José Muñoz, New York University 
690. Professor Nora Lester Murad, Bentley College 
691. Professor Priscilla Murolo, Sarah Lawrence College 
692. Professorial Lecturer Farouk Mustafa, University of Chicago 
693. Professor Steven Nadler, University of Wisconsin – Madison 
694. Professor Michael Nagler, UC Berkeley 
695. Professor Savita Nair, Mount Holyoke College 
696. Professor John M. Najemy, Cornell University 
697. Professor Ken Nakayama, Harvard University 
698. Professor Jamal R. Nassar, Illinois State University 
699. Professor Riad Nasser, Fairleigh Dickinson University 
700. Professor Mekhala Devi Natavar, Duke 
701. Professor Stephen Nathanson, Northeastern University 
702. Professor Marilyn Kleinberg Neimark, CUNY, Baruch College 
703. Professor Katherine Nelson, City University of New York Graduate Center 
704. Professor William T. Newsome, Stanford University 
705. Professor Linda Nicholson, Washington University in St. Louis 
706. Professor Mary Nolan, New York University 
707. Professor Donald M Nonini, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 
708. Professor Judith Norman, Trinity University 
709. Professor Roger Normand, Columbia School of International and Public Affairs; 
Center for Economic and Social Rights 
710. Professor Andrew Norris, University of Pennsylvania 
711. Professor Paul Norris, Northland College 
712. Professor Anne Norton, University of Pennsylvania 
713. Professor Illah Nourbakhsh, Carnegie Mellon University 
714. Professor Cecilia Novero, Penn State University 
715. Professor Jeffrey B. Nugent, University of Southern California 
716. Professor Thomas V. O’Brien, Ohio State University 
717. Professor Anne O’Byrne, Hofstra University 
718. Professor Ken Olum, Tufts University 
719. Lecturer Glenn Omatsu, California State University, Northridge 
720. Professor Aihwa Ong, UC Berkeley 
721. Professor Nancy Ordover, CUNY, Queen’s College 
722. Professor Vincent Oria, New Jersey Institute of Technology 
723. Professor Alicia Ostriker, Rutgers University 
724. Professor Steven E. Ostrow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
725. Professor Mohameden Ould-Mey, Indiana State University 
726. Professor Ibrahim M. Oweiss, Georgetown University 
727. Professor Benjamin B. Page, Quinnipiac University 
728. Professor Charlotte Painter, San Francisco State University 
729. Professor Ravi Arvind Palat, SUNY, Binghamton 
730. Professor Donald Palmer, College of Marin 
731. Professor Leo Parascondola, CUNY on the Concourse 
732. Professor Peter Paris, Princeton Theological Seminary 
733. Professor Carole Pateman, UC Los Angeles 
734. Professor Marcie J. Patton, Fairfield University 
735. Lecturer Justin Paulson, UC Santa Cruz 
736. Professor B. Juanelle Pearson, Spalding University 
737. Lecturer Robert F. Peltier, Trinity College 
738. Professor William Pencak, Penn State University 
739. Professor Max Pepper, M.D., Ph.D., Tufts University School of Medicine 
740. Professor Sofia Perez, Boston University 
741. Professor Rafael Perez-Torres, UC Los Angeles 
742. Professor Kenneth J. Perkins, University of South Carolina 
743. Professor Robert Perlman, University of Chicago 
744. Professor Glenn E. Perry, Indiana State University 
745. Professor John Perry, Stanford 
746. Professor Lino Pertile, Harvard University 
747. Professor Fred Pfeil, Trinity College 
748. Professor Christopher Phelps, Ohio State University 
749. Professor Mark Pilisuk, University of California, Davis and Saybrook Graduate School 
750. Professor Fred L. Pincus, University of Maryland 
751. Professor Cecile Pineda, San Diego State University 
752. Professor Edie Pistolesi, California State University, Northridge 
753. Lecturer Beatrice Pita, UC San Diego 
754. Professor David K. Pitts, Wayne State 
755. Professor Dwight R. Platt, Bethel College 
756. Lecturer Kamala Platt, Ph.D., University of Texas, San Antonio 
757. Professor Lisa Pollard, University of North Carolina, Wilmington 
758. Professor Ismail Poonawala, UC Los Angeles 
759. Professor Daniel Pope, University of Oregon 
760. Professor Marsha Pripstein Posusney, Brown University 
761. Professor Mary C. Potter, MIT 
762. Professor Paul Powers, Lewis & Clark College 
763. Professor Gyan Prakash, Princeton University 
764. Professor Natasha Pravaz, Mt. Holyoke College/University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
765. Professor Allan Pred, UC Berkeley 
766. Professor Richard S. Pressman, Ph.D., St. Mary’s University 
767. Professor Dr. James Primm, Hawai`i Pacific University 
768. Professor David Prochaska, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
769. Professor H.L.T. Quan, Associated Colleges of the Midwest 
770. Professor Anibal Quijano, Binghamton university 
771. Professor Alvina E. Quintana, University of Delaware 
772. Professor Mazen B. Qumsiyeh, Yale University, School of Medicine 
773. Professor Nasser Rabbat, MIT 
774. Professor Dana Rabin, Indiana State University 
775. Professor Paul Rabinow, UC Berkeley 
776. Professor R. Radhakrishnan, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
777. Professor Fred V. Randel, UC San Diego 
778. Professor Salim Rashid, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
779. Professor David M. Rasmussen, Boston College 
780. Professor James Rauch, UC San Diego 
781. Professor Raka Ray, UC Berkeley 
782. Professor Carol A. Redmount, UC Berkeley 
783. Professor Rush Rehm, Stanford University 
784. Professor Roddey Reid, University of California, San Diego 
785. Professor Craig Reinarman, UC Santa Cruz 
786. Professor Mark E. Reisinger, Binghamton University, SUNY 
787. Professor Timothy J. Reiss, New York University 
788. Professor Darius Rejali, Reed College 
789. Professor Alan Richards, UC Santa Cruz 
790. Professor Joel Roache, University of Maryland Eastern Shore 
791. Professor Bruce Robbins, Columbia University 
792. Professor John F. Robertson, Central Michigan University 
793. Professor Ralph E. Rodriguez, Penn State University 
794. Professor Juana María Rodríguez, Bryn Mawr College 
795. Professor John Roemer, Yale University 
796. Professor Lisa Rofel, UC Santa Cruz 
797. Professor Eleanor Roffman, Lesley University 
798. Professor Catherine Rogers, Louisiana State University Law School 
799. Professor Jeff Romm, UC Berkeley 
800. Professor Avital Ronell, New York University 
801. Professor Don Roper, University of Colorado, Boulder 
802. Professor Deborah Rosenfelt, University of Maryland 
803. Professor Judy Rosenthal, University of Michigan, Flint 
804. Professor Lawrence Rosenwald, Wellesley College 
805. Professor Andrew Ross, New York University 
806. Professor Mel Rothenberg, University of Chicago 
807. Professor Paula Rothenberg, William Paterson University of New Jersey 
808. Professor Aleya Rouchdy, Wayne State 
809. Lecturer Maria G. Rouphail, Ph.D., North Carolina State University 
810. Professor Nagui M. Rouphail, Ph.D., North Carolina State University 
811. Professor Roger Rouse, UC Davis 
812. Professor Alwyn Rouyer, University of Idaho 
813. Professor John Carlos Rowe, UC Irvine 
814. Professor Cheryl Rubenberg, Florida International University 
815. Professor Richard E. Rubenstein, George Mason University 
816. Professor Andrew N. Rubin, Georgetown University 
817. Professor Lori Helene Rudolph, University of New Mexico 
818. Professor Mark Rupert, Syracuse University 
819. Professor Ann Russo, DePaul University 
820. Professor Blair Rutherford, Carleton 
821. Professor Roderick N. Ryon, Towson University 
822. Professor Ghalya Saadawi, American University of Beirut 
823. Professor David Warren Sabean, UC Los Angeles 
824. Professor Margery Sabin, Wellesley College 
825. Professor Amr Sabry, Indiana University 
826. Professor Leila Nadya Sadat, Washington University in St. Louis 
827. Professor Edward Said, Columbia 
828. Professor Natsu Taylor Saito, Georgia State University, College of Law 
829. Professor Jahan Saleh, St. Mary’s College of MD 
830. Professor Elise Salem, Fairleigh Dickinson University 
831. Professor George Saliba, Columbia University 
832. Professor Alec Salt, Washington University in St. Louis 
833. Professor Leslie Salzinger, University of Chicago 
834. Professor Ariel Salzmann, New York University 
835. Professor Benita Sampedro, Hofstra University 
836. Lecturer Donna M San Antonio, Harvard Graduate School of Education 
837. Professor John Sanbonmatsu, Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
838. Professor Rosaura Sanchez, UC San Diego 
839. Professor Elizabeth Sanders, Cornell University 
840. Professor Donald Sarason, UC Berkeley 
841. Professor Aseel Sawalha, Pace University 
842. Professor Sabina Sawhney, Hofstra University 
843. Professor Simona Sawhney, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
844. Professor Patricia Sawin, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 
845. Professor Mark Sawyer, UC Los Angeles 
846. Professor Suzana Sawyer, UC Davis 
847. Professor Saleh M Sbenaty, Middle Tennessee State University 
848. Professor Eileen A. Scallen, William Mitchell College of Law 
849. Professor Albert Schatz, Temple University 
850. Professor Edward Schatz, Southern Illinois University 
851. Professor Nancy Scheper-Hughes, UC Berkeley 
852. Professor Bill Schmid, Georgia Southern University 
853. Professor Richard Schmitt, Brown University 
854. Professor Kurt Schock, Rutgers 
855. Professor Howard Schuman, University of Michigan 
856. Professor Michael Schwalbe, North Carolina State University 
857. Professor Patsy Schweickart, Purdue University 
858. Professor Sean Scott, Loyola Law School 
859. Professor James Scully, University of Connecticut 
860. Professor Bonnie R. Seegmiller, Hunter College of CUNY 
861. Professor Daniel A. Segal, Pitzer College 
862. Professor Naomi Seidman, The Graduate Theological Union 
863. Professor May Seikaly, Wayne State 
864. Professor Mark Seldon, Binghamton University