Leon Letwin: Selected Bibliography

Evidence Law:  Commentary, Problems and Cases.  Revised ed.  New York: Matthew Bender (1987).  Prior editions:  1st, 1986.

Assignments in Trial Practice (edited by Leon Letwin).  Boston:  Little, Brown (1964).

Articles and Chapters

Education and the Constitutional Rights of Children, in Thinking, Childhood and Education 6-16 (edited by Matthew Lipman, Dubuque, IA:  Kendall/Hunt, 1993).

Contributor, Encyclopedia of the American Constitution (edited by Leonard W. Levy, Kenneth L. Karst et al., New York:  Macmillan, 1986).

Teaching First-Year Students:  The Inevitability of a Political Agenda, 10 Nova Law Journal 645-46 (1986).

Impeaching Defendants with Their Prior Convictions:  Reconsidering the Dangerous Propensities of Character Evidence after People v. Castro, 18 UC Davis Law Review 681-719 (1985).

“Unchaste Character,” Ideology, and the California Rape Evidence Laws, 54 Southern California Law Review 35-89 (1980).

Education and the Constitutional Rights of Children, 1 Thinking:  The Journal of Philosophy for Children 11-19 (1979).

Administrative Censorship of the Independent Student Press:  Demise of the Double Standard?, 28 South Carolina Law Review 565-85 (1977).

After Goss v. Lopez:  Student Classification as Suspect Classification?, 29 Stanford Law Review 627-62 (1977).

Regulation of Underground Newspapers on Public School Campuses in California, 22 UCLA Law Review 141-218 (1974).

The Preliminary Hearing in Los Angeles:  Some Field Findings and Legal-Policy Observations, Part 1 (with Kenneth W. Graham), 18 UCLA Law Review 636-757 (1971).  Part 2, 18 UCLA Law Review 916-61 (1971).

Some Perspectives on Minority Access to Legal Education, 2 Experiment and Innovation (1969).

Waiver of Objections to Former Testimony, 15 UCLA Law Review 118-55 (1969).

Canadian Consumer-Credit Legislation, 8 Boston College Industrial and Commercial Law Review 201-24 (1967).

The Representation of Indigents in Criminal Cases, 23 Gavel 6 (1963).

Communist Registration under the McCarran Act and Self-Incrimination, 1951 Wisconsin Law Review 704-17 (1951).

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